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Why We Serve: 
Stories of Today’s
RCMP Members

Celebrating 150 Years


This bilingual book celebrates RCMP Members serving today, during the RCMP’s 150th anniversary, through the stories of 150 Member officers. This limited-edition book also features photos from across Canada and demonstrates how Members support Police Dog Services, the RCMP Musical Ride, and Depot – the RCMP’s national training academy.

Why We Serve: Stories of Today’s RCMP Members – Celebrating 150 Years is proudly produced by the National Police Federation, which represents about 20,000 Members across Canada and internationally, all of whom make important, selfless, and immeasurable impacts on the communities they work in.

Have You Ever Wondered
What It’s Like To Be A Police Officer?

From saving lives, setting a positive course for youth, intercepting, preventing and investigating crimes, representing Canada abroad, and arresting suspects, this book highlights some of the stories of why RCMP officers serve.


From Coast…

…to Coast…

…to Coast…

…And All Across Canada.

Our Members are Here For You

Every RCMP Member’s Story is Unique


Sukh Chatth, Cst.,
Surrey, B.C.

Sukh Chattha empowers young women to make positive choices and engage in healthy relationships. “I want them to feel comfortable and not fear the police,” Sukh says. “I tell them that I am here to talk, as a trusted adult, and that if the issue escalates, then we can take the appropriate steps and start an investigation.”


Brock Munro, Cst.,
Winnipegosis, MB

With his Indigenous heritage, Brock Munro likes to talk to Indigenous youth about the potential of becoming an RCMP officer or first responder when they grow up. “I try to get them thinking of the different careers they can pursue— whether in law enforcement, EMS, or even in sports—to show them all the different options they have for their futures.”


Jill Boutilier, Sgt.,
Charlottetown, PEI

Jill Boutilier opened up about being gay in her first posting, in rural Saskatchewan, when she realized her personal life was part of establishing her place in the close-knit organization. Nowadays, when Members ask her what her husband does, she says, “Not my husband, my wife” and most of them don’t skip a beat.


Vanessa Philpott, Sgt.,
Whitehorse, YT

“You don’t solve a crime in an hour, like on TV. I have cold cases I am working on from the ’90s and early 2000s”, said Vanessa Philpott. “It doesn’t happen overnight—it’s very detail oriented, and you only get one chance to get it right. You can’t go back to the scene—once it’s released, it’s gone.”


Marcel Midlane., Cst.,
Nanaimo, B.C.

The West Coast Marine Services crew deals with many federal statutes, like the Canada Shipping Act, and inspects vessels of all sizes. When an emergency call comes in, all plans go out the window. “Anything that’s life or limb, we go,” says Marcel Midlane.

Inside book choice - KeithBennettRCMP25

Keith Bennett, Cst.,Bay St. George, NL

On October 19, 2014, Keith Bennett’s life changed forever after he was hit by a drunk driver while responding to an alleged gun incident at a wedding outside of Regina. Keith has no memory of the incident – or the following month spent in the hospital – but was told he was thrown about 100 feet. “My advice to others is to enjoy life and spent more time with your loved ones. Don’t wait. Tomorrow may not come.”


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Why We Serve: Stories of Today’s RCMP Members – Celebrating 150 Years

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The National Police Federation is Canada’s largest police union, proudly representing ~20,000 RCMP Members below the rank of Inspector on compensation, workplace health and safety, investigations and other legal matters, and on public safety for police and all Canadians. Our mission is to provide strong, fair and progressive representation to promote and enhance the rights of our Members across the country.

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